Animal Massage Specialist working with dog

Discover the healing power of touch: Benefits of Animal Massage

Massage is a wonderful compliment to a holistic approach to pet care.

Anyone looking to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle is well aware of the many benefits of holistic approaches to self care. We recognize the value of massage, energy work, yoga and meditation. If you have ever enjoyed a massage, you know the feeling of ease and relief once stress, tension and restrictions melt away. Our companion animals, just as us, can greatly benefit from a variety of bodywork modalities. Read more to discover the benefits of animal massage.

Animal Massage Specialist working with dog

What are the benefits of working with an animal massage specialist?

When engaging with love and intent, our touch becomes a powerful means for introducing change in our dog’s or cat’s emotional or physical state. It is a way to deepen the bond, provide stress relief and to ease anxiety. However, when engaging an animal massage professional, you can expect even more benefits.

Dog being massaged by an animal massage professional

Massage is suitable for any breed, activity level or life stage

For younger animals, massage can be part of a preventative and maintenance approach by relieving muscular tension and decreasing muscle fatigue and soreness, which is a big part of injury prevention. Massage will also assist in flushing out toxins from the body and facilitating the intake of nutrients. It improves breathing patterns, especially for breeds prone to breathing problems. Also, massage will improve the condition of skin and coat. As a result of these benefits, massage will help to maintain your pets overall health and well-being.

Benefits of massage in older animals and puppies

Massage is a wonderful compliment to a holistic approach to pet care; it serves as a preventative measure and as a way to bring relief to our companion animals. Massage facilitates the connection between body, mind and spirit supporting an overall state of well-being.

Benefits of massage in older animals

For senior animals massage can become part of an effort to slow down the progression or relieve age-related symptoms. It will improve fluid circulation, relieve stiffness, aches and pains, improve muscle tone, assist in preventing or slow down muscle atrophy, boost immune system and improve vitality.

Benefits of massage for puppies

Even puppies can benefit from massage! Puppies have so much to learn: about people, their environment, other dogs, but also about their own bodies. Massage is a perfect way to help them become more aware of their growing bodies, it will also teach them to be more present and aware of it. It can help relieve growing pains, especially in large breeds.

puppy in field

What should you look for in an animal massage professional?

When considering massage for your pet, it is important to do your research to find a qualified and knowledgeable professional. For example, The British Columbia Association for Animal Massage and Bodywork Professionals is a great place to find a professional in BC. To become a member of the association a massage professional must meet high educational standards and adhere to a code of ethics. You can be assured that your companion will greatly appreciate the many benefits of their trained touch!

Marta Banat is an animal massage professional providing animal massage services in Vancouver, BC.

She is also available for distance virtual consultations over zoom.