Online Pet Massage Services

Woman sitting on the floor giving an australian shepherd a back massage

1 on 1 Virtual Pet Massage Coaching

Online pet massage coaching is designed for fearful or reactive dogs who might not welcome a stranger’s touch. It is also perfect for those who might not have access to a massage professional in their area. During the 30min session we will discuss your dog’s needs and  I will demonstrate techniques you can safely do at home. If you are a new client, please book the Intake Session. The intake session will include a detailed list of questions and I will ask for photos and videos prior to our zoom call. After the call you will receive a recording of our meeting, links to massage videos and other resources we may discuss.

Once we receive your payment we will contact you to schedule the appointment.

Woman giving a samoyed a head massage

Pet Massage Tutorials

Online pet massage tutorials will teach you safe and gentle animal massage techniques to use at home with your animal companion. Follow along with the easy, step by step instructions targeting main problem areas. Learn simple and effective animal massage techniques that can be applied to your dog, cat or bunny.

Woman doing pet massage on a sleeping dog

Animal Massage Videos

Browse a selection of dog and cat massage tutorials and guided meditations. Get started with a simple massage routine, or dive deeper and learn easy techniques for anxiety, arthritis, back pain and many more! In addition, our channel offers resources for anxious dogs as well as injury prevention and senior dog tips.