A border Collie chasing after a ball.

6 Tips for Healthy Dog Muscles

Prevention is key for healthy dog muscles: After the cold and dark winter days we are all ready for sunshine and adventure. But before we jump right into long hikes, swimming, bike rides and other fun activities, let’s make sure that our dog’s muscles are in good shape and that we re-introduce more strenuous activities […]

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woman sitting on the ground massaging dog's back

Difference between Spasm, Twitching and Fasciculation

Even though the three can all seem similar on the surface, they are in fact very different. All three can potentially be quite concerning and should be assessed by a veterinarian. Spasm Sudden, involuntary contraction of a large group of muscles. It is usually painful, both in the area of the spasm and in areas […]

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Inforgraphic demonstarting how to get to know your dog's body

Get to Know Your Dog’s Body

Even though we pet our dogs daily, we rarely do so while paying full attention to what we feel under our hands. I encourage you to get to know your dog’s body by spending five minutes each week exploring their body with your hands and noting your observations in the body provided.

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Diagram showing the biopsychosocial model of pain in dogs

How Do Dogs Perceive Pain: Biopsychosocial Model of Pain in Dogs

What is the Biopsychosocial Model of Pain? This model postulates that pain perception is influenced a dynamic interaction among and within three aspects: biological, psychological and social. Each one of the three aspects is an important contributor to the level of pain perception and altering one aspect will have an effect one the other two. […]

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How to Massage Your Dog's Paws

How to Massage Your Dog’s Paws

Most dogs love a nice neck or back massage, but the paws are often a neglected part of their body. It’s mostly because many dogs don’t enjoy having their paws touched. However, the health of the paws is crucial to proper movement and comfort. There can’t be proper and well balanced movement if there is […]

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Stack of Books showing Animal Massage Book Recommendations

Animal Massage Book Recommendations

As I was cleaning out my office, I realized that over the years I have collected a ridiculous number of massage/bodywork/energywork related books. Some good, some so-so and some mind-blowing amazing! Which is why I thought that I would share my favourite titles for those working in the animal bodywork field or those simply wanting […]

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